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Once Was

by Elle Sera

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Once Was 04:34
Bring your heart to the alter Bring all the love that came before There's a breath in the vapor and a push to the start Hold my hand in the dark maybe I want more Restless in the surrender As you walk in the door Tell yourself that your’e stronger than you’ve ever been before Walk off all the lies, c’mon baby find me Can’t fight this one more time so let’s do it again, do it again And I’m gonna just try to remember to forget everything Just let the stars in your eyes tell me the story of Who I once was Turn it down to a whisper Let me catch my breath before it starts Put all the pieces back together before it all blows apart Unwrap and unwind it, reach out in the dark CHORUS Open up, ready for Heart of hope in a metaphor The innocent thirsty for An awakening at every dawn So by now it must be written Cast the stone and down I fall Kicking and screaming and oh-so-willing There’s no better to fall Maybe you remind me what I do it for CHORUS
Oh, the many sides of you and the things I still don’t know yet There’s a world undiscovered and I may never know the half of it Walk through the fire and sit in the rain again Cuz every time out on the other end Stronger than steel, heart full of gold You’re gonna come around again More than your name, more than your skin Cuz baby that’s all for show Wear your lightening, roll your thunder for everyone to know You’re a beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful girl You’re a beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful girl There isn’t much of anything worth much of anything as much as your soul So why waste your time covering the glow (I think we both know) (you can) Dance through the fire and laugh at the rain again And every time out on the other end CHORUS The darkness - the howling - the fever - the mountains The pain and the glory, in your eyes the story (you can) Dance through the fire and laugh at the rain again And every time out on the other end CHORUS
You 03:50
When the sun came out today I was thinking about you And all the sweet and funny ways you been changing up my tune It’s alright, I think I want you to Stolen moments behind the scenes Give or take a time zone or two And a few thousand miles always slipping in between But I think it might be worth it if you do too Wanna spend some time trying to? Oh, I don’t wanna give it all away Oh, Keep making me feel this way Oh, Nothing more for you to do Oh, just keep being you I know I swore a thing or two Not too long ago as well About stepping into those shoes But they slipped right on just like a spell It’s alright, they wear me well CHORUS One more day and one more night Until I find my way to you Your eyes, your lips and your love Have got me coming undone And there’s nothing I can do, but CHORUS
Just as summer faded out of view The warmth of it’s surrender I never knew Leaving it all and breaking all the rules And a change in me was the change in you How was I to know all the years before The taste inside my mouth was sweet poison But coming up and out was the subtle voice of reason Bringing me/you/us around Like a change of season All the broken pieces I held onto Falling like the leaves under autumn’s muse Like a flash of light it all came to Bringing closer the spaces between me and you CHORUS Will all our time run out, wash away, is it too late now May it be more than a memory to hide in now CHORUS
A bottle of bourbon and it's getting late Talking it over in my head again Don't it sting like a bee every time You'd think I'd know better when you'll never be mine Oh so wrong, holding on Chorus: Holding the lightening and letting it go Only a moment before it's gone Walking the hours into the flame Pouring (pour me)another to the one that got away It's ever so quiet the still of my heart And every memory just tears me apart Hope is a curse with fault line a mile Tracing me back to the days of your smile And all I know is I want more CHORUS Chains and rope have done no good Keeping me from coming here again Turn to turn I just get burned Saving that little space for you and I There's nothing to it, you just waste the time Making the story somehow fit in your mind Day after day, year after year It all feels the same as when you were still here So I'll hold on hard and strong CHORUS


released October 4, 2019

Music & Lyrics by Elle Sera
Produced & Mixed by Joe Carrell
Recorded at Treasure Isle Recorders
Executive Produced by Warm Audio
Mastered by Alan Silverman
Electric Guitars- Jeff King
Acoustic Guitars - Joel Key
Bass - Jacob Lowery
Drums/Percussion - Scott Williamson
Keys - David Dorn, Beautiful Girl
Jason Webb, You/ Once Was
Matt Stanfield, Change of Season/ One That Got Away,

All rights reserved. Copyright 2019.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of all applicable laws.


all rights reserved



Elle Sera

You can do away with any notion that a singular genre or box would contain Elle’s broad songwriting styles and even broader skills as a vocalist.  Effortlessly and authentically, she flows through blues, rock, pop and country wrapped up in a singer-songwriter foothold that stir together to set her soulful vocals on fire with dynamic conviction. ... more

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