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by Elle Sera

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Shadows 03:38
When the cold winter's blown in It's all that I can do to hold onto the memory of you And time just keeps on rolling trying to push me through But my heart knows me better than the truth Come on back to me, raise the dead of night Come on back to me when everything is quiet I'll be chasing shadows Faithful in my dreams Slipping through the echoes Locked and bound for eternity Forward keep on forward, but you're still on my mind Heartless like the iron anchor drops it's line I can hear your breathing coming from behind And I still bear the evidence of your heart on mine Pre-Chorus CHORUS Waiting, waiting for you Crying and staying and hating that it’s true... Pre-Chorus CHORUS Locked and bound til you come back to me
Lies 03:21
I can see now, I can see right through it You’re an open mouth with not much more to it Make the carrot look so sweet Silver spoon and everything And tie it up with fancy string please Dirty little lies, pretty little thing Better watch out before you get hurt Dirty little lies, pretty little thing Walk on over me It’s a long walk down the garden path But it’s cheap talk and a sucker punch Fool me once it’s your mistake Fool me twice and I’m to blame CHORUS The bell is ringing, the clock is counting down The fire’s burning that you just can’t put out Wave that flag in your parade Sequins and the whole she-bang Diamonds, roses and champagne please CHORUS
Come On Down 04:11
It’s so easy in the quiet, get away from all the sound Try to push with every heartbeat in the ground Let the idle of the stillness come up from around Waking up the valley lost and found Every time you face the darkened cloud And it calls you out by name out in the crowd It’s a chain reaction trigger that keeps pulling you in now Turn around and come on down It’s so easy to let it have you Like a desperate kind of love And like clockwork it’ll dig you in the ground There’s no prayer that can be answered It’s a scream without a sound In a web of all it’s ivy you are bound CHORUS From all the make-believe Let it roll and let it be Come on thru and fall in deep, yeah Step by step and closer to Making sense of something true When you let it all just come to you, yeah CHORUS
Free 03:08
Sometimes I just wanna run away, Far enough into a distant cloud Forget everything and everyone, All alone in another world Hide away from the critical, Take a breath and dig in deep Nothing else but quiet town, No one else but me and me I just wanna learn to be free Out from under all the wreckage left (far away from myself) I just wanna learn to be me I don’t wanna be nobody else Sometimes I wanna cry, For all the things said and done And it makes me kinda wanna scream For how I left it all come undone Oh I can hear it all, Hear it all go around Maybe I’ll just make a run for it A one way ticket where I can’t be found CHORUS Let it all shine, The waste and the grime, Yours and mine Don’t we all just want to, Don’t we all just want to I know what you think you see, It’s crafted like a masterpiece But somewhere in the inbetween, Dig in deeper there underneath CHORUS
Venus 03:34
Come horizon, bring the dawn There’s a love that I can’t need She plants the seed with a cruelty Knowing it won’t last too long She opens up the better part of me Just to break me with her song I’m an easy mark for a broken heart And she walks me into wrong Suddenly it feels like a dream Sounding like a millions angels call And all the years between are a quiet mystery Until I hear her laughing rolling on the wind She’s made of beauty and appetite Sometimes careless in her plight I never know what’s just hit me re Until I see that it’s too late Bring the darkness into the light Spin a tale I can’t deny That Venus, baby, she’s sometimes a bitch For making me her slave for life CHORUS - she’s done it again…m Come elixir, knit the time Reap that illusion when it’s ripe I’m an easy mark and he’s just a boy And I’m begging for some mercy just this time CHORUS
Ain’t it a shame, ain’t it a shame how you’ve been trying Making the play to make it your way all this time Honey you should know by now you’re living in a one horse town Cradle to gave, cradle to grave they own you Heart and the mind toeing the line in vain Tell me how you like it now living in your one horse town It’s all one way, dead end and safety signs Tightrope, short leash at the end of the line Everybody knows the story as old as time Tick tock - tick tock Hand to to the fire, hand to the fire, it’s burning Nose to the grind, quiets the mind, but you keep on Wondering how you’ll get out of this lonely little one horse town CHORUS Retribution of dissolution and watch it fade away Ain’t it a shame, ain’t it a shame how you’ve been trying Making the play to make it your way all this time Honey you should know there isn’t any getting out of this One horse town


released November 15, 2019

Engineered, Mixed+Mastered by Jeremy Goldsmith
Recorded at J Goldfinger Studios
Acoustic Guitar - Elle Sera
Electric Guitar + Percussion - Jeremy Goldsmith
Photo by Robby Stevens

All songs written by Elle Sera. Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Elle Sera

You can do away with any notion that a singular genre or box would contain Elle’s broad songwriting styles and even broader skills as a vocalist.  Effortlessly and authentically, she flows through blues, rock, pop and country wrapped up in a singer-songwriter foothold that stir together to set her soulful vocals on fire with dynamic conviction. ... more

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