by Elle Sera

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released September 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Elle Sera

Elle Sera’s convergence of grit and grace separates her from so many singer-songwriters of today. She is pure emotion and intention all pouring out of a barely 5’ frame. From her roots in CT to gaining a foothold in NYC, Elle is ever-branching out to reach new audiences and share her passion of music and the power of her voice. ... more

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Track Name: Once Was
Bring your heart to the alter
Bring all the love that came before
There's a breath in the vapor and a push to the start
Hold my hand in the dark maybe I want more

Restless in the surrender
As you walk in the door
Tell yourself that you're stronger than you’ve ever been before
Walk off all the lies, c’mon baby find me

Can’t fight this one more time so let’s do it again, do it again
And I’m gonna just try to remember to forget everything, everything
Just let the stars in your eyes tell me the story of
Who I once was

Turn it down to a whisper
Let me catch my breath before it starts
Put all the pieces back together before it all blows apart
Unwrap and unwind it, reach out in the dark


Open up, ready for
Heart of hope in a metaphor
The innocent thirsty for
An awakening at every dawn

So by now it must be written
Cast the stone and down I fall
Kicking and screaming and oh-so-willing
There’s no better to fall
Maybe you remind me what I do it for

Track Name: Eye of the Storm
Feel the weight pulling under
Try to brace for the reckoning
Piece by piece, layer by layer
Make amends with the storm within

Sail away on murky water
Over head the clouds are gray
No turning round; like a soul born sailor
The only way on out is going through it
Tidal wave and hurricane
C’mon, take me under

Fire away, take your aim
Make it straight for the heart
Fire away, I’ll be waiting in the eye of storm

Step inside the hallowed forest
All the while the dusk is threatening
There’s no compass, there’s no breadcrumbs
The only way on through is by instinct
Avalanche and earthquake
C’mon, I surrender


Track Name: Back to You
Once upon a time not so long ago
You were mine and love was for granted
All the stars would shine along the fairytale rhyme
But turn the page and find goodbye

The ivory tower where you once found me
I let me hair down for you to climb
Was something on your mind; so silent and paralyzed
Now I just wonder why

One more day of this and I can’t breathe
One more day of this is all I need
One more look into the past and I am falling
Falling back to you

Was it all a dream that we were walking in?
Have we seen the better side of things since it all?
But you’re waking up in screams and I’m clawing at the walls
Trying to make sense of it all

Break & sway, maybe...

Back to you, back to you, back to you

When the curtain falls we all go home with pieces of
The prince and maiden fair living happily someway, somewhere
Waiting for a chance again

Break & sway, tell me that...

Back to you, back to you
Track Name: Change of Season
Just as summer faded out of view
The warmth of it’s surrender I never knew
Leaving it all and breaking all the rules
And a change in me was the change in you

How was I to know all the years before
The taste inside my mouth was sweet poison
But coming up and out was the subtle voice of reason
Bringing me/you/us around
Like a change of season

All the broken pieces I held onto
Falling like the leaves under autumn’s muse
Like a flash of light it all came to
Bringing closer the spaces between me and you


Will all our time run out, wash away, is it too late now
May it be more than a memory to hide in now

Track Name: Heart Drop
The light’s at the end of the tunnel
The storm is coming to pass
The shadow over my shoulder
Is having it’s last laugh

Marching to the beat of the faithful
The pulse is on the seat of my soul
So baby come a little bit closer
Cuz it feels alright

ooo ooo you get me goin’
ooo ooo don’t let it stop
ooo ooo you get me goin’
feet in, heart drop

It’s been making me a little bit crazy
It’s been making me a little bit whole
So turn the dial up to eleven
Hell yeah, let’s go

Just slow down when I’m ahead of myself
So I can hear every word that you’re saying
Baby, get a little bit closer
Cuz it feels alright

ooo ooo you get me goin’
ooo ooo don’t let it stop
ooo ooo you get me goin’
feet in, heart drop

every word
and the look in your eyes
is making me feel alive

Track Name: Fade to Gray
Hold onto yourself you’ve got a long long way to go
A crippled belief that always keeps you wanting more
Anyway you take it, any way you choose
If you keep on it that way you’re just gonna lose

Gave up the wild, but it’s still following you
And given the choice you still hold onto
Talking to the doctors, reading all the books
You still don’t have the answers to why it doesn’t work
Do you?

Shaking off the chains
You never choose the easy way
Scene and fade to gray, fade to gray

Put on a boot and start the day
Never think twice about the way
Every time it happens you never seem to learn
That what you’re putting out there’s what you’re getting in return

Shaking off the chains
You never choose the way
Scene and fade to gray, fade to gray
Track Name: The Whip
Started out on a dusty road
Hit the city line
Found a nickel that landed on heads
And knew that I would be fine

Gotta a little red sports car, baby
And stepped on the gas
0 to 60 in 3.5
And I never looked back

Over and over it seemed to me
Little by little I’m driving it
Calling it closer or calling it quits
Fueling the fire, whipping the whip

Sat on a table with a bright white light
And I heard the call
I took notice from that day forth
To give everything and more


Right a wrong and tame regret
Today’s a jewel, don’t forget it

Every night when I lay my head
I remember that day
Make every bit of difference that you can make
Don’t let it all get away

Out on the highway you are alone
To make it better or worse
Before you make it home
Track Name: Go
Turn up the radio, it’s my favorite song
And I wanna run away from what’s in my mind
Running on empty and gas isn’t cheap
Tell me it’s alright and you’re coming with me

Pack up the things and make a start
Far enough away from these parts
Chasing down a dream of the heart

Crossing the line, taking aim
Ain’t got the money and just barely my name
Head on south, leave this behind
Dirty little vagabond holding onto the lies

Pin and paste rewind erase &
Chase these wasted days &
Give my head some space & run....
Track Name: Hey Little Mama
Tell the fire how it should burn
Tell the tables how they should turn
Tell the songbird how it should croon
Then tell me what you think you should do
You got one life for living; that’s all that’s given to you
So make your decision when they’re pushing you into

Hey little mama, you just gotta say no
Hey little mama, you just gotta say no

Don’t you know they take what they can
Don’t you see it’s a well mastered the plan
Tell you jump and you’re already damned
But you can take it all back in your hand
You got one life for living; that’s all that’s given to you
So change your direction cuz baby it’s all up to you


I’ve been down that road before all alone
But we’re not alone anymore

You get wise with a lesson that’s learned
So just remember that when it’s your turn
They’ll be pushing against what you earned
But you can tell them not to fuck with the word
You got one life for living; that’s all that’s given to you
So make your decision when they’re pushing you into

Track Name: Into the Blue
Away from the cold, away from the rain
Just looking for sunshine all over the place
You’re looking to Thailand somewhere by May
I’m looking for something to take me away
Over the all these oceans into the blue

Over the winter, over the pain
Just waiting for something that I couldn’t name
A plane ride to Phoenix and I’ll be ok
Just get me the hell on outta this place
Roll these clouds of thunder into the blue

Up and outwards over these mountains to you
I have been waiting when will I see you again

Little I’m able to let it all in
Now that I’ve found you all over again
And you’re on the highway out in the world
And I’m running reckless on into myself
Roll these clouds behind us into the blue


Will I go or will I stay?
Will I find you next time again?
When I try it just changes shape
And I fall behind with every little step I take

Again, Again, Again
Track Name: Wishes
You've been wishing for too long
That things be different than they are
And all that beauty is just lost
Wishes, wishes

You put and "x" right through the heart
And show nobody who you are
But spend your time wanting more
Wishes, wishes

And time is just a restless child that always gets its' way
So never mind your tired eyes and broken up remains

Sometimes you have got to face
How things can just so quickly change
Regardless of what you can take
Wishes, wishes

And time is just a poor reminder that just gets in the way
So never mind your tired eyes and stupid old mistakes

Walk, walk along, let it fall where you are
Fall away, let it start, rising up where you are

Time is traveling at a clip
And you will miss it if you blink
But you should keep your little dream - Wishes, wishes
Track Name: Never Enough
Dim the lights down to the twilight
Til I feel the fire in your eyes
Stiing so close like you'll never be close enough
And time & time & time is slipping on by (us)

Your touch is like a rescue
And I don't wanna let that go

One night, this love
It's never gonna be enough
Hold on don't let go
I want it more and more
This night I know it's never gonna be enough...

Like all my life I've been waiting for this
A moment in time, the moment of your kiss
Racing through my mind trying to make sense of it
And all the while the while the while our timing is makeshift

Your smile is like a rescue
And I don't wanna let that go


Hold my breath and watch the dawn
Too far in and too far gone

Your touch is like a rescue
And I don't wanna let that go


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